Aftermovie at the heart of event videos

Nothing better than an aftermovie to keep your event alive, even after D-Day!

Why have an aftermovie made?

Like the biggest festivals around the world today, more and more events are broadcasting their aftermovies.

Some will certainly ask themselves “why invest again when the event is over? ». The interests are actually multiple, but here are the main ones:

  • Launching an aftermovie creates the event…after the event! Participants as well as those who could not attend are looking forward to your aftermovie, so don’t hesitate!
  • The aftermovie will make people talk about you and your event: your community will share your video and you will reach a wider audience, with potential future participants…who knows?
  • Making an aftermovie is a great opportunity for you to showcase your event know-how. You can also use it on your website to showcase your work and experience, like a portfolio.

The aftermovie is finally the showcase of your events to your community and your customers.

What are the keys to a successful aftermovie?

To make a successful aftermovie that makes an impression, here are the main keys to success:

  1. The good pictures: obviously, no aftermovie without a film on D-Day! But beware, it is not enough to film the whole event to make your aftermovie a success, you have to capture the right images to highlight the emotions and atmosphere.
  2. Highlights: When editing the film, it is important to focus on the highlights of your event. Telling your event as if you were telling a story…
  3. Unpublished images: don’t hesitate to add new images or bonus content to arouse everyone’s interest.
  4. Soundtrack: enhance your images with a choice soundtrack. If it was a musical event, why not use the music played on D-Day.
  5. The teasing : to create the event, announce the release of your aftermovie in advance and play with the teasing to stir up your community.
  6. Broadcasting: use digital media to encourage reactions and sharing through social networks, thus maximizing the number of views of your video.

You now have the essential elements to make your aftermovie a success.

Of course, the realization of an aftermovie still requires a real know-how so avoid “amateur” videos, there is nothing worse…